KEYNOTE: Digital Transformation at Baxter

Marketing is changing at a rapid pace and staying on top of the latest trends is challenging for marketers in regulated industries such as healthcare.
Wil Boren – President, Advanced Surgery, Baxter will share first-hand insights and examples of digital transformation within his business in three key areas:

Peer-to-peer Engagement:   HemoVision is Baxter’s global peer-to-peer engagement platform creating new ways to educate and build a community of surgeons, administrators, nurses, and other healthcare professions through virtual surgical cases and hot topics.

Sales and Marketing Enablement:  Arming the sales & marketing team with the right tools to segment, target, and position effectively.  Will will share best practices and key indicators of success.

Social and Digital Campaigns: Navigating the legal, compliance and regulatory pathways to enable an effective digital presence in healthcare is tricky.  Find out how Wil’s division is handling these challenges and reaching their audience via social.

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