Join us for a powerful and valuable healthcare marketing summit on Thursday, November 1st at the Tower House Conference Center located in the Willis Tower in Chicago, IL.


At an exponentially increasing rate in healthcare marketing, Digital Marketing is overtaking traditional marketing channels. While traditional channels are an important part of any brand’s marketing mix.  It’s crucial to stay on top of top digital trends for both yourself and your brand. It’s important that Healthcare Marketers understand:

  • The role and value of robust digital and traditional marketing strategies
  • The innovative digital marketing tools/tactics that are available
  • How to use them effectively within the confines of the regulatory and legal restrictions that exist

The Summit is a jam packed day of learning and connecting with top digital marketers.  The content will fill your brain with new ideas you can use back at the office right away.

Who Should Attend The focus of this summit is healthcare marketing making it the most valuable for healthcare marketers to attend! However, any marketer interested in learning how to kick-start their brand’s marketing strategies and tactics by leveraging powerful digital and traditional marketing best practices will find it an incredible value-add too!!  

Titles in attendance will include:

  • Digital Marketing Managers, Directors and VPs
  • Marketing Managers, Directors and VPs
  • Account Directors and Supervisors
  • Community Managers
  • Public Relations Managers, Directors and VPs
  • Social Media Managers, Directors and VPs
  • Healthcare Marketing Recruiters
  • Business Development Managers, Directors and VPs
  • Relationship Managers and Directors

Event Host The Healthcare Marketing Summit was created by and is run by Digital Megaphone, one of the largest and most well respected social media events businesses in Chicago.  Digital Megaphone’s Flagship Event, the Social Media Masters Summit focus on cutting edge social media strategies from dozens of top brand marketers including Kenmore, Dell, Kraft, United Airlines, Arby’s and more!  Digital Megaphone is leveraging their expertise in the educational event arena to expand their summit offerings into the healthcare arena.